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I came, I saw, I cheesed

September 02, 2006

My New Blog is...


So, update your link already!


June 08, 2006

If FireAngel and I get married...

Pun of the day:
We'll make BBQ rarebit and melted angel cheesecake

This is Damion's initial design for my dot com's header.

The first thing that came across my mind after seeing it was:

Why so FireAngel one? Dash underscore dash.

I really love it a lot. However, I'm more bunniful than i am angelic, so i asked him to add a pair of bunny ears to it.

So he came up with this design:

I showed the FireAngel the design.

FireAngel says: WAH I LOVE IT!
FireAngel says: SO DAMN NICE!
FireAngel says: who made it?!@?!?!
Cheesie says: damion!!
FireAngel says: why he give you wings and halo!!!
Cheesie: It's so you right!
FireAngel says: bwhahaha. damn kiut.
FireAngel says: if we ever had kids. they are prolly gonna turn out liddat. lololrof


Ya hor. Imagine if FireAngel and i hook up together...

And we'll eventually have babies, (oh no, stop eating our babies, firepie!) this is a fine example of how they will look like.

And this would be our married blog logo in the future.

June 06, 2006

Graduating from blogspot!

Pun of the day:
Pick a skin, that's all i'm askin'! :D

Finally finished my final exam and handed up my final assignments. Hooray! I'm as free as a bird now! Cheesallujah! :D

I'm graduating from Limkokwing University College. Maybe it's also time for me to graduate from blogspot too!

Today is a devilishly auspicious day (060606, no i don't believe in dooms days and my handphone number has triple six too), so i'll take this opportunity to make an announcement...

I'm a soon-to-be dot-commer!


In fact i already am. Been working on my new dot com, and i'll migrate to my new cheeserland within these few days.

But before that, i'd like some cheeseback from you guys. It's simple, just tell me which blogskin and header you prefer, cuz you might be staring at the same layout from tomorrow onwards for the rest of your life a very long time!

So choose wisely yea. Of course if you have any other suggestions you can always lemmi know. :)

There, pick a skin:

(Sorry peeps it has to be PINK!)

Click to enlarge
(man, do they do that to boobies?)

The original Cheeserland header.

This was the original iCheesalot's.

This was Cheescapade's.

Something more Goli!

Or, maybe it's time to change a new layout!

Ok maybe you're sick of seeing my face already so there.

Thanx Damion for the cheese design header. :)

Things that will happen in my new Cheeserland:

1. (my original food review blog) and (my original travel blog) were imported to my dot com and they will appear under different categories: bon cheesepetit and cheescapade respectively.

2. I no longer need to hide in an emmentaler and blog anonymously (been doing that for two months). My private posts will be password protected. If i like you enough, i might give the password to you. :)

3. Of course, now you'll spend less time typing my blog URL! :D

4. So what will happen to It will literally cheesappear from the blogsphere! I miss it already!

Hope you've enjoyed reading my cheeserland so far. :)

Oh by the way, the answer for the previous post is mouse potato. Christinesy smart cookie was the first and only one who got it spot-on. But Compotato sounds delicious too. :D

Thanx for your participation. See you soon!

Final Day in College

Attending my final exam two hours later, and a final presentation five hours later.

Not fair if only *I* have to sit for exam. *You* have to do it too. :P

Question for you:

If you call a person who watches tv a lot a "Couch Potato", what do you call a person who uses the computer a lot?

Answer will be revealed when i get back from class.

Cheese me luck! :D

^o_o^ (a stoning mutated bunny emo. Didn't sleep well last night. Too kancheong. Dash underscore dash. )

June 04, 2006

yayness ^_^

Pun of the day:
Cheesie: Gavin and I are on the same spread!
Penguin: What?! 0_o
Cheesie: Get a klue!

click to see a bigger Gavin!

click click click!

I'm abit quite very happy. Yay. So happy i want to drop bunny droppings at your blog. :P

June 02, 2006

Commercial Break (Hello Panda)

Pun of the day:
There was a Pandamonium in KLpac.

Model: Punny Peacock

No panda/peacock/mystery wolf/bamboo tree was harmed/damaged in the commercial production.

June 01, 2006

Mysterious House

Pun of the day:
Once ablog a time...

Cheesie went to this gorgeous place with Mozzie.

Warning: 24 pictures in total. Come back in 5 minutes pls.

Was meant to publish this entry aaaaaages ago, but it's only up now, due to some odd reason season two.

La la la la la Happy Cheese Friends

It looks like a rich playboy's mansion from outside.

But this quaint mansion is actually a restaurant.

The place is seriously damn nice. It's very spacious and has several dining rooms, each carries a different theme. But unfortunately i can't tell you where it is, due to some odd reason season three.



Anyway, let's take a look inside the playboy's mansion.

Very cottage-like, i like!

Oozing such rustic charm, lovely.

Convservative conservatory cafe chic.

Holy Couch! It has a halo over it! 0_o

It feels like home (OMC so coincidentally, my iTune is playing Chantal Kreviazuk's "Feels Like Home" as i'm typing the sentence 0_o. Creepy!).

If only the fireplace here was lit up... it would be so comfy enjoying an intimate get-together with my close ones, damn shiok right!

I could almost imagine dining here with my family and friends with a shower of snowflakes illuminating the wintery landscape outside.

If i were Tinkerbell, i'd make my home in this ceiling lamp. Such a warm ambience.

So Christmassy... Wait dammit is that a mistletoe? Waa cheeky la, next time i must bring my crush there. :P

The food is not too bad. Limited choices but the environment sort of makes it up for it.

A mushroom starter.

Typical wild mushroom soup...

and it's sidekick garlic bread

Grilled Cod.

and DESSERT!!!

Whoa i tell you, there's this thingie made up of tons of meringue and mix fruits inside, which looks like a flaming mountain (yea, they flame it! Using a FireAngel. :P)

and guess what is it called?


(to FA: it shall be named after you, go get an endorsement!)

Later we proceeded to another dining room.

*chants Happy Cheese Friends song*