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I came, I saw, I cheesed

September 10, 2004

Welcome to my Cheeserland

Welcome to my Cheeserland!

It's time to bid the long-loved "Diary-hood" goodbye and say hello to the promising "blog-dom".

I've been wanting to cheese a blog for so long. But i've also been so cheesily slacking so much so i gave myself excuses not having time to blog. It was like "What? I am reeeealy bee-see (read: lay-see) with all my assignments, presentations, reports, group work, projects, cheesa cheesa cheesa...".

Maybe 09/09 sounds like an auspicious day and here i am to cheesilize my 1st Blog ever.

What happened today? I always envy my best buds in college, Chingy and Michi's creativity in writing. Ashamed being a journalism major student in a self-appointed-university-college-of-creative(read: cheesily crappy)technology, which i always wonder if they use advanced technology to fry their lame chicken wings. Which i also always wonder why people still fall prey to their black magic(of advertising), since almost everyone here who got cheesed-up before has already spread the warning so widely to whoever aspires to become an LUCTian. Okay, maybe students here are too evil they want other to join the life of crappiness together so that they feel less crappy...Or maybe those who fell prey to the "black magic" really should stay here to be enlightened when they go for advetising lectures, hence learn "how advertising works" and "how dreadfully effective ads are" or topic of the like. And then when they finally realize how powerful advertising is, they will be more enthusiatic to acquire the knowledge so that they can "black magic" other people in the future. What a fantastic vicious circle.

Hmm, where was i? Oh ya, Chingy and Michi. It's always a pleasant experience to read their blogs cuz u never know how loud you will laugh.

Speaking of which, Her Royal Vulgarness aka Chingy has mentioned this word "lifeless", which was described upon her by somebody. How lifeless can life be?

Just what exactly does it mean by "lifeless"? Is it repeating the same routine everyday, except for, once in a yellow moon, substituting Gouda for Cheddar for dinner? Or maybe when you have so much time you start wondering why cheese is called "cheese" and not "eseehc", or why human are not born with dreadlocks like the Predators do? Well, we’ll see bout that.


I just have an urge to write about Parmie today. You know Parmie, you should be glad the first entry is specially dedicated to you. Parmie is my new pet.

Breed: Perodua Kembara.

Age: Two-year-old.

Skin Color: Dark Black with white spots (the inverse color of a dalmation, due to infrequent bath ritual)

Characteristic: Aggressive, clueless, direction blind, scatterbrained.

Parmie is indeed a nice buddy to be with. She gave me the thrill of experiencing the outside world I never had before. I mean, the world outside my condo.

I treat her real nice. I brought her to a V-cool sunscreen treatment, bought her pets to play with (Hazel and Gloomy), brought her to fancy dinners in various petrorants. Later on, i might even send her to the orthodontist and get her kangaroo braces on! Cuz Parmie is just too wild when unleashed.

But im really worried about her health nowadays. When I first got her, I didn’t know she has this, erm, disorder I would call “Boozaholic”. She is diagnosed with an extraordinarily high metabolism that she needs to booze up petrol every so often. And that disorder is, unfortunately, incorrigible. So it’s either feed her or ditch her.

But how would I have the heart to ditch her!?

1 people cheesed:

  • At 5/04/2006 01:51:00 AM, Blogger E-quan said…

    here i am. reading ur 1st post on the auspicious 9/9/04. haha. oi..last time no photos wan hor.

    since when onli started camwhoring? must browse through 2005 1st..haha.

    have a cheesy day. =)


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