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I came, I saw, I cheesed

October 08, 2004

If you notice, it has been almost a week I hadn’t blog since 30th September, because on 10pm that day my internet access was blocked until yesterday 6pm, when they finally reactivated the access.

It seems like the fastest and easiest way of monitoring my every movement online is not to hack into my computer but to ban me from accessing the net altogether.

I told him the connection was down and he said he will check with the service provider. Then he came back to me and said they were upgrading their hardware so there might be some interruption. I waited like a fool for a whole week, until I found out the truth yesterday.

Sometimes, like I always say, trust no one but yourself and do everything by yourself if you can.

So I called the service provider MYSELF.

“Would you please help me check my webbit connection, it is down since last week…”

“Certainly. Just a moment.”

20 second later.

“This account belongs to Mr. XX, right?”


“I’m sorry Miss but Mr. XX requested us to block the access. We need confirmation from him before we can unblock it,” said Mr Receptionist.

“………….” So speechless.

“Erm… May I suggest you to talk to him and ask him to give us a call?”

“It’s…. okay. Thank you very much,” uttered me.

There you go again.

Not wanting to wreak a verbal havoc, I just called him to check with the center again. I was already very very much mentally exhausted and I didn’t wanna confront him anymore. I just wanted to go online again.

Half and hour later.

“Have you called?” questioned me, anxiously.

“Yes. Im waiting their call bout the connection status.”

Another half an hour later.

“What did they say?”

“I’m still waiting for their call.”

”Can you call again?”

Another half an hour gone.

“So how?”

“You need to bring your computer to the center and re-configure it cuz the service upgrade has affected the connection.”

I almost vomited blood.

“Would you just call again to the center, and kindly ask them to reactivate my connection?” I was trying to be really, really patient when I said this.

“Listen, as I told you, just leave your computer there for a day or two and they will settle the whole thing for you. If you don’t like it, there’s nothing I can do. We’ll leave it as that.”

Yeah right. So that you can have my computer and plant a mightier Trojan inside this time around. Who do u think I am to fall for that?

“if you’re afraid I will do anything to your computer, you can always scan it when you get it back. I’m sure you know how to perform a scan right.”

Wow. As if he knows mind reading.

How bout you lending me your wallet now for a couple of days, and check whether there are any counterfeit notes when you get it back?

“So do you want to get it done or not? If you want I can send it over tomorrow 3pm, in Shah Alam.”

“You mean EVERYBODY who has a webbit has to go ALL THE WAY to Shah Alam in order to go online again?”

“Yes. In fact I was told that there’re a lot of clones out there that’s why they are sending the device back for configuration.”

This time I wanted to vomit shit.

“Why do you have to make things so complicated when there’s a short cut to the solution? If you want to block me then say it out loud so at least I won’t be confused!!”

“I did not. Up to you to believe.”

“Then explain why they spelled your name out and say it was YOU who asked them to block it.”


“ 'How would I know', you wanted to say that, right??? Thank you for teaching me the most powerful excuse in history.”

“Why should I block you? If I wanted to do so I could have done it ages ago. Besides that how could i do that when I don’t even know the ID number!”

If you were to measure it, my comeback-line-generating speed is still at the dial-up level while his is like miles beyond the broadband speed.

“Then I’ll call to the center and you will talk to them. And see who’s telling the truth.”


“Why not?”

“Why should I?”


Finally it was another tearful day. See, I said I shouldn’t have watched Taegukgi.

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