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I came, I saw, I cheesed

January 14, 2005

Cheesy Stuff

Cheesy Stuff

Marble Cheesecake

Marble Cheesecake and its Cheese Master

I finally successfully convinced myself that i look like a piece of marble cheesecake. Oh no... I AM a piece of MARBLE CHEESECAKE!!!!!

Comments from potential Ringoists:

Gaeria84: She's wearing a yellow dress to fit the marble cheese cake.

Sugarboi: The scarf spoils everything IMHO.

Gaeria84: She's trying to fit the brown vanilla lining on the marble cake IMO.

crazymalaysian: What? Spoils? It blends well with her shade of hair

Reon: Even in shot, she's still with her cheese...??

Guys, trust me, i swear i didnt do it on purpose. It was just, erm.... my Cheeseinstinct!

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