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I came, I saw, I cheesed

February 19, 2005

Omicheez! A.L.L again?!?!

I regretted posting the bulletin in friendster 2 days ago (that i believed we would have better lecturers this time around) ,because, Hallelujah, i am now so ashamed that my ESP is completely powerless. YES, we have the authoritatively omighty and analistically honorable Madam A.L.L, AGAIN, to lecture (and punish, and bombard, and curse, you name it) our subsequent MCI subject!!!

Thanx to her, last semester i got my first ever big piece of Cheese in the exams i've sat all my life. And i thought i woundnt ever get a big C again for my MCI subject.

This is so fun man!!!!

Dudes, take good care of yourselves ok. Wear a helmet and bulletproof vest pls if necessary.


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