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I came, I saw, I cheesed

November 14, 2005

Healthy dish

I have to admit I am terrified by the thought that I could actually be undergoing a fatal malnutrition. Therefore I am eating (extra) healthy today.

Went to this HK Restaurant called Tasty Tasty. Yea what a name. Without a doubt my eyes were caught by this double boiled black bean soup that claims to “detoxify” and “alleviate hair loss”. Great. Then I wanted this stir-fried spinach and another signature vege tofu dish which the waitress recommended for health’s sake. Lest people look at me as if I’m a reincarnation of a goat, I ordered this clay pot beef brisket and tendon too.

I was again horrified when the vege tofu dish was served because it looked like something that will only be served during Halloween.

It’s a plate of diced morbid white tofu swimming with amputated shrimps in a plateful of blended mushy green vege puree.

It’s a shame I didn’t bring my camera along if not you will a chance to witness this hundred-year-old eggnog lookalike. No wait, what about the green *bleep* (censored cuz it's dinner time) you see in The Exorcism. LOL. You know what, that reminds me of the sickest joke I’ve ever told you. (In case, unfortunately, you haven’t heard about it click here).

Anyway. It was healthy and not bad tasting la. Let’s go together eat it again.

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  • At 1/11/2006 06:14:00 PM, Blogger cheesie said…

    WARNING: The below content may cause permanent phobia to Tomyam seafood Soup. Do not scroll down if you love Tomyam seafood and tend to develop phobia.









    Here's the morbid joke.

    There’s this young man who likes Tomyam seafood Soup very very much.

    One day he walks in his favorite Thai restaurant and orders a clay pot of Tomyam seafood soup.

    The waitress apologizes and says “Sorry sir, but Tomyam seafood soup out of stock la, we served the last pot to the gentle man over that table”.

    The young man looks at where the waitress is pointing, and he sees an old man sitting at the table next to him.

    On the table there’s a big pot of Tomyam seafood soup, and many other dishes. Then he notices something strange. Obviously the old man has finished his meal. He ate everything but left the pot of soup untouched. It still looks steamy hot.

    Feeling so wasteful, the young man walks up to the old man and politely asks, “Sir, may I ask if you still want the soup?”

    The old man shakes his head.

    “In that case, may I have it?” the young man asks again.

    The old man nods.

    So the young man sits down and starts eating the soup. It is so delicious and he is enjoying every bit if it.

    Until, he almost finishes the soup and discovers a tiny, furry little rat at the bottom of the pot.

    Feeling extremely disgusted, he started puking everything he has eaten back into the pot.

    After he is done puking, the old man starts talking, slooooowly.

    “Very disgusting leh? This is what I did just now.”

    THE END.


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