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I came, I saw, I cheesed

January 27, 2006

Do as the wallabies do

Mozzie told me she stripped herself nude at the nude beach in Sydney.

Told you not to play truth or dare with her.

The max I could go is bikinis. No not even bikinis until I lose 5 more pounds. So stop drooling.

Anycheese. When I expressed my jardroppingness to her generosity of displaying her anatomy uncovered and open-aired, she (electronically) shrugged and replied, “well everyone is nude. If you don’t strip they will look at you like one kind”.

Which is true I understand, just like how people will look at you like one kind when you wear a french maid dress with angel wings to Steven’s Corner.

I really salute Mozzie for doing what the Romans…, no, the wallabies do when in Sydney.


Wallabies are nude, no?

Having said that

I have something to confess.

I actually too stripped myself in front of a stranger two days ago.

NUDE! In front of a complete stranger!!!


That was the first time I ever, erm... strip myself down to nothing, in front of someone I’ve just met 3 minutes ago.

I also didn’t want to, but boh bian, I must comply. Sobzzz. Then I was told to lie down on a bed, waiting to be……

*plays Dracula music*

*plays thunder storm*

*plays evil laughs*




Well, it happened in Thalgo Marine Spa, Mandarin Oriental, anyway.

The full body treatment I did required me to be totally naked. Feeling damn paiseh man, like I’m being visually molested. Cuz normally when we do massage we do wear at least something right, like a kimono or the very least a disposable panty, kan. But…*blushes*

Anycheese. The therapist scrubbed me top to toe, I went shower, after that she applied this super fishy cod-liver smellalike liquid on my body, then I was told to lie down again.

She then painted a muddy-green algae stuff (which smells exactly like Japanese seaweed sheets) all over me, and wrapped me with a plastic cover and a warm blanket.

I suddenly have this hallucination that I’m a gigantic California roll.


This is the treatment I did—

Image hosting by Photobucket
Micronised Marine Algae Body Wrap which claims to supply the body with vitamins and minerals while firming, toning, and eliminating toxins.

After 20 mins, I showered again, and proceeded to another room for a full body massage.

Erm. That’s how spa’s like la.

I was a little disappointed cuz Thalgo Marine Spa is one of the biggest and most lux spa centers in town. But apparently it only looks nice in the mags. Or have I not discovered the hidden door to Eden? But the treatment no doubt was quite effective.

Finally, I walked out from Thalgo feeling cheesed-up, semangated, skin silky-smooth,

And what's more

smelling like a gigantic California roll.

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