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I came, I saw, I cheesed

January 08, 2006

Prince Charming Rules (pun intended) Part II

Let’s continue with what PCW wrote:

So...what happen if prince charming can't get near her beloved princess?

rule no. 4……get close to her spiritually.

Q. :what????? suicide and be a ghost and haunt the princess forever
A. :no....stupid!!!!! be a telepathic, write her a letter everyday...with sweet
sweet contents only, the sweeter the better.
Q. Can i install CCTVs in her living room, bedroom....etc etc
A. Unless u r a pervert...NOOOOOO
Q. God Damned
A. Yeah... i'll be damned if i were u.

rule no.5…… spoil the princess

Q. :huh????....why would i want a spoiled princess...i want mine in perfect shape
A. :no.....stupid!!!!! shower her with gifts
Q. :wouldn't the gifts hurt the princess and give her lots of bruises?
A. :Okay!!!....i meant give her lots of gifts...small one...big ones...
ridiculous ones...cute ones...yeah....plenty of cute gifts...princess love cute gifts....actually. any gifts is good as long as it comes from your heart...comprende?
Q. :what's comprende
A. :I gave up

Rule no.6……Be sensitive

Q. :What? there's rule no.6
A. :i m afraid so....very important
Q. :Does that mean i have to cry all the time?
A. :NOoo....well.....unless u r a's acceptable
Look!!....basically sensitive means that u'll be a good listener
say yes yes and yes to whatever the princess says or demand.
the word "No" is not acceptable.
Q. :You mean i can't say "No, i m not lying, i m telling the truth"
A. :Yes, that too. U wouldn't need to say that if u only saying what's from your heart.
just phrase your sentences in the sweetest way possible. If honey is not
sweet enough add sugar.
Q. :Who came out with all these rules anyway?
A. :Errrr.....Hollywood
Q. :What Wood?

*A slaps on Q.'s head*

A. :Go watch those B&W movie.

*edits cheesie*:

Agree with rule 4,5 and 6 except the last part. Make sure you add ONLY Equal or Pal Sweet because Princesses are always on diet. And you don’t want a diabetic Princess. Comprendo? =)

Oh BTW. There's still a part III. Stay cheesed.

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