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I came, I saw, I cheesed

February 06, 2006

I don’t know what I’m talking about

First Nominee of 2006

Yea. That “Cheesie’s Most Moronic Day of The Year Award” is back. And today is the first nominee for year 2006. Applause, everyone.

Actually I forgot to reveal last year’s winner. But not like it matters anyway.

So I was just trying to see if I could break that “Eat-TV-Online-Eat-TV-Online.” CNY routine by doing something that doesn’t spell anything similar to the routine. God knows it ended up jinxed. Maybe he/she/shim/it doesn’t want me to stay away from my commie.

See. First of all a bad headache (A major), because of, I don’t know? Then Miss Pretty Nokia was dead because her hole is too small. Then Parmie went into a coma prolly because I didn’t give her that aromatherapy shower and she’s upset with me. Then a movie date with Mozzie was cancelled because of all that. (I couldn’t call and all I had was seven bucks in my pocket. Can’t even belanja you unless you wanna watch 10.30am la. But then you’ll have to watch alone d, lol. Oh wait, I just found out I have two unopened ang pows in my back pocket. *slaps face emo*. )

And then. I did something ridiculously…… ridiculous. I’m gonna laugh about it for a week or two. But I actually think I was brave. LOL.

So everything adds up to justify the nomination.

Not the first time happening anyway. Lesson not learnt. Cheesie just never learns her lesson.

I think I’m damn good in pretending as if nothing ever happens if I want to. But guess what? I found out that’s exactly what everybody wants me to do. What bout you Mozzie, can you do as good as I do?

Oh by the cheese, the foie gras was damn nice lor. Like, super duper nice. Actually, super mega cheesy duper nice.
And it's good for booze addicts' livers too.

And I damn love Rascal Flatt’s “God bless the broken road”. I’ve played it 27 times.

Have a cheesy day.

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