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I came, I saw, I cheesed

March 06, 2006

Cheesy Telepathy

Just to demonstrate how regular consumption of cheese strenghthens the bond between Ringoists and enhances their cheesy telepathy.

*edits cheesie:
For Ringoism lingo illiterate, CCCA---Cheesy Cheeses Cheese Acheese.

Cheesie: myspacebarisscrewed

Mozzie: then how do you put space?

Cheesie: pressharder

Cheesie: butithurtsmynails

Mozzie: myspace baris screwed = three words wei that actually exist

Cheesie: wow myspace has their own spacebucks

Mozzie: like friendster cafe? but friendster claims not to be connected to it

Cheesie: if not why they have baris

Mozzie: fine -_-"

Mozzie: i bought your cheap pun

Cheesie: wahaha

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