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I came, I saw, I cheesed

March 28, 2006

Commercial Break (Meiji Choccie Diet Pill)

Excreamly crappy commercial. Do not scroll down if you're feeling particularly sane today.


Since some of you are feeling disappointed because a certain evil yellow being is not entirely willing to share her imaginary chalk diet, she decided to make it up to you by revealing another more "tangible" secret diet of hers, namely the Meiji Choccie Diet Pill.

You will see how a tiny pill can make a full time cheeser lose cheesppetite.

Experiment starts now.

*2 minutes after consuming a Meiji pill*

The Cheeser spots her target.

Getting ready to devour...


Something strange happens!

Suprisingly, the Cheeser gets disgusted by the smell of cheese!!

Hence the loss of cheesppetite.

Disclaimer: The above commercial is totally fictional, in case you are too oafish to realize. No cheeser is starved/harmed in the commercial making.

Cheese you very much.

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