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I came, I saw, I cheesed

May 05, 2006

Commercial Break (Save the Penguin and Cheese)

Pun of the day:
*This commercial is sponsored by World Wildlife Featheration*

Penguin and Cheese Protection Guide

1.They are both sun-phobic
This rare and exotic penguin specimen, as to be predicted, suffers adverse reactions to sun exposure. She gets a horrible sunburn when...bah, screw global warming.

Penguin's vulnerability to heat is quite similar to the cooking motion that a piece of cheese goes through. The cheese will either melt, or get grilled till chao da.

2.They both need a cool habitat.
Penguin hides in her fishie-laden igloo while Cheese resides in her, well, cheesy, fridge.

3.They are both cheeseen.
They need to be fed with a strict attention-only diet. Please DO NOT feed otherwise.

4. No petting allowed.

Failure to adhere to these rules will force Penguin into extinction and hasten Cheese's aging process hence make it grow (m)old.

Save them now.

12 people cheesed:

  • At 5/05/2006 07:43:00 PM, Blogger Celavonius said…

    Save them now ! xD

  • At 5/05/2006 07:55:00 PM, Blogger Porkie said…

    1. Sun-phobic? ok lah no problem.. I'll be a raceking and hold umbrella for you xoD

    2. Cool habitat? come come.. come stay here in england xoD

    3. strict attention only diet? give you all the attention you need xoD

    4. no petting.. no problem xoD

    see.. save you d!!

  • At 5/05/2006 08:09:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Porkie is more than enough to be your bodyguard...

  • At 5/05/2006 11:22:00 PM, Anonymous ronlim said…

    No petting of cheese and penguins? Oh what has the world come to?

  • At 5/06/2006 01:00:00 AM, Anonymous damion said…

    chao da? o.O
    alo, u hokkien ah?

    and i reckon this photo was taken during the midvalley blogger's meet? :P

  • At 5/06/2006 02:07:00 AM, Blogger Angel said…

    save the cheeses and penguins..wateva..
    this maybe sth irrelevent..but i reckon' you got your left face theory on cyndi correct.. is
    her personal blog..but i'm stickin' at where you're wrong about amber chia..ignore this if you want to..thanks for your time..

  • At 5/06/2006 07:01:00 AM, Blogger errr said…

    both of u look so hot together, let's hope u dont melt each other out. LOL. very hot photo though.

  • At 5/06/2006 10:33:00 AM, Blogger cheesie said…

    damion: Whoa u stalked us! 0_o

    Angel: I was just saying she *likes* to pose on her right side *most of the time*. You're lucky she poses left for you! =D

  • At 5/06/2006 12:47:00 PM, Anonymous CraSH said…

    i will save the penggy and cheesy...come live with me!! hehehe.. i live in a place where we have about 5 months of below zero weather! think its cool enough?

    can always sit back have a hot cocoa infront of a warm toasty fire... aaaah.... hehe.... hmm, that might melt u huh? bad idea!!..

  • At 5/06/2006 03:32:00 PM, Anonymous damion said…

    the photos are all over the net..
    with the karipap on ur head it was hard to miss that photo... :P

  • At 5/06/2006 05:07:00 PM, Anonymous fr0stie said…

    LOL chao da

  • At 5/06/2006 06:43:00 PM, Blogger cheesie said…

    damion: well it was my bad a siew pao actually looked like curry puff. =(


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